Royal icing piped tropical flower spray by Bobbie Noto

What a cheerful cookie!

I love this brilliant bright tropical flower, with it’s

ย beautiful, exotic ย striking two-tone colors. The unusual shape is fun to pipe.

The flower is uplifting and joyous, perfect for almost any occasion.

For this project you will need:


  • PME writer nozzle #1 or Wilton/Ateco #1
  • PME writer nozzle 1.5
  • PME writer nozzle #2ย or Wilton/Ateco #2
  • PME Supertube 57 or Wilton 101 s
  • PME Supertube #43
  • 2-parchment cones without a nozzle, cut into a “V”
  • parchment cone or disposable piping bag
  • damp cloth
  • Artist brush


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Colour 175 grams of fondant with a 1/2 toothpick of vine green.

Bake, cool, and cover your cookies with fondant.

Icing consistencies:

Royal icing piped tropical flower spray by Bobbie Noto

This cookie was inspired by Master sugar artist Sir Eddie Spence!

Vein, and Stamen: Rubbed down

Centre petals, Carrot shaped, Fuchsia leaves, and leaves: Off peak

Border: The star beads: Off peaks

Over piped “C’ scroll rubbed down

Please enjoy the video and learn how to create the Royal Icing Fuchsia Flower Cookie

I was thinking this cookie would be awesome for Mother’s day.

A little change to the traditional fresh flower arrangement!

Royal icing fuchsia flower spray by Bobbie Noto

Thank you!

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