Easter frills by Bobbie Noto

Elegant ombre frills!

I love finding cookie cutters that have multiple uses. The fluted copper egg cutter from

Copper Gifts  is one of my favorites. I have use the fluted egg cutter for dozens of designs, through out the year.

The cookie above is an exquisite frilled sugar cookie with a light ombre effect; I have also designed a fun Easter basket

 and an eye-popping ruffle rose(for the full video visit my Youtube channel).

Frilled Fondant Sugar Cookie:

  • Equipment:
  • Fluted large egg cookie cutter
  • Fondant rolling pin
  • Fondant smoothers
  • Celstick, medium & small
  • Pasta machine, optional
  • Mini fondant wheel
  • Scalloped wheel
  • Artist brushed
  • Petal dust spatula, optional…to transfer color from container to to parchment paper
  • Parchment paper
  • Toothpicks


  • Fondant colored, monochromatically at least four colors, we did six pinkish purple
  • Vanilla Sugar Cookie recipe 
  • Food paste,  1/2 toothpick electric pink &  1/8 toothpick violet
  • Fondant antique white,
  • Gumpaste, colored to match the frills
  • Clear piping gel
  • Petal dust, fairy pink
  • Lustre dust, antique gold
  • Edible glue (sugar water)
  • EverClear or lemon extract
  • Sift peak royal icing

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Easter cookies by Bobbie Noto

These frilled cookies will wow your clients or guests!

Bake, cool, and cover your sugar cookie, allow 4 hours to set prior to decorating.

Roll your off- white fondant and place in your pasta maker, roll only to 0.

(If you do not own a pasta maker roll the fondant to 1/4-inch by hand with a fondant rolling pin).

Cut the rolled fondant out with the scalloped egg cutter.

Take your “naked” sugar cookie and apply, using a brush and piping gel,

align the fondant scalloped egg with the egg cookie, gently smooth the fondant with your hand from the middle to the outer edge, and repeat with fondant smoothers.

Started in the middle of the egg with the darkest monochromatic color going to the lightest towards the top of the egg and leaving a strip of antique white and then proceeding with the darkest monochromatic color going to the lightest towards the bottom of the egg.

Roll the darkest color in a pasta machine and roll to #6, you want the fondant to be see through and very thin. Use the scallop egg cutter and cut from the middle to the top, cut a strip from the widest part about 1/2-inch wide. Transfer the fondant to a foam board and using your medium Celstick frill the bottom. Brush a small amount of water to the back and place slightly above the middle of the cookie. Gently smooth the band to attach. Repeat with each color, make sure the colors stay in order from darkest to lightest. For the bottom half place the lightest color 1/2-inch up from the lowest portion of the cookie, make sure to add the frilled monochromatic colors lightest to darkest. Ideally you should have antique white showing on the bottom, top and middle sections.

Open the frills, starting with the first band and place on a small book reader stand upside down. By allowing the cookie’s frill to dry upside down the frills remain open.

Fondant Ruffle Rose Cookie

Ruffled fondant rose frame cookie by Bobbie Noto

The ruffled rose frame cookie could be a wedding favor or an Easter cookie!

To learn the decorating techniques for the Ruffled Rose Frame Cookie

Visit my Youtube channel.

Peek a Boo Bunny:

Easter basket cookie by Bobbie Noto

These cookies are cute and adorable.

• Piping nozzles
• PME #2
• PME #3
• PME # 57 petal
• Leaf cut parchment come
• Artist brushes
• Damp cloth
• Scriber
• Parchment cones or featherweight bag
• Dehydrator or desk lamp
• Royal Icing
Sugar Cookie Recipe
• Food Paste
• Pink, SF
• Party green, SF
• Baby blue, SF
• Chestnut, SF
• Pre made blue toothpick roses

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For the full Peek a Boo Bunny visit my Youtube channel

Watch the mini video below for the tutorial on how to decorate The Peek A Boo Bunny Cookies


With a little imagination you use your cookie cutters for several designs!

fondant frills by Bobbie Noto

Happy Easter!

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