Easter cookie by Bobbie noto

Too adorable!

These cookies were inspired by an Easter card I found in my keepsake box. One of my favorite tools

for inspiration are cards I have kept (I have cards going back to high school).

I loved how the bunny is barely poking his head, checking the scenery!

You will be amazed how simple these cookies are to create.

Peek A Boo Bunny Easter Cookie:

Easter basket cookies by Bobbie Noto

Just checking things out!

β€’ Piping nozzles
β€’ PME #2
β€’ PME #3
β€’ PME # 57 petal
β€’ Leaf cut parchment come
β€’ Artist brushes
β€’ Damp cloth
β€’ Scriber
β€’ Parchment cones or featherweight bag
β€’ Dehydrator or desk lamp
β€’ Royal Icing
β€’ Sugar Cookie cover
β€’ Food Paste
β€’ Pink, SF
β€’ Party green, SF
β€’ Baby blue, SF
β€’ Chestnut, SF
β€’ Pre made blue toothpick roses

Visit Shop 5th Avenue Cakes for supplies

Bake and cover your cookies 1 day prior to decorating.

You will want your icing to be freshly beaten (if you have icing from prior place

the icing back into your standing mixer and beat until you reach off consistency).

Dried Albumen Royal Icing Recipe:

907 Confectioners Sugar Powder, sifted

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract or almond extract

30 grams dried albumen

150 grams/5/8-Β cup Luxe water

Add the dried albumen to luke warm water and mix well.

Using the paddle of your standing mixer place mixed dried albumen and confectionary sugar in mixing bowl of the standing mixer, stir with a grease-free spatula just to incorporate. Add extract and mix on the lowest speed until ingredients are combined. Scrape bowl down as needed. Mix for 10-20 minutes on medium-low speed.Β  Mix until icing forms peaks and doesn’t lose its shape. If the icing appears too thin add more powdered sugar; if icing appears too thick add more water.

Cover icing in an air tight container. The icing will keep for up to 7 days in a dark cool place, DO NOT PLACE IN THE REFRIGERATOR.

Royal Icing Consistencies:

Peek a Boo Bunny cookie by Bobbie Noto

You could add a few pressure piped blossoms t0 the basket!

The bunny ears pink: Soft consistency

The bunny ears white and head: Soft consistency paddle down

The rope, basket weave, bead border: Medium/off-peak

Watch the video below for the tutorial on how to decorate The Peek A Boo Bunny Cookies

You can pipe your toothpick roses days ahead..I keep a container of toothpick roses in a variety of colours. Anytime you have extra royal icing pipe roses, blossoms, sweet peas, and ranunculus.
The flowers will keep for a long time.
If you need a refresher on how to pipe the roses visit Royal Icing Rose Garden .

These cookies are fairly easy to decorate and are awesome for using your basic

royal icing skills!

If time is short and you would like to purchase these

cookies already decorated stop by Shop 5th Avenue Cakes

For another idea using the same cookie cutter visitΒ Fondant and Royal Icing Frill Sugar Cookies for Easter.

Adorable Easter egg and bunny cookie by Bobbie Noto

Stay tune for more Easter ideas!

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