Wedding cookie favors by Bobbie Noto

An open heart invites love!

So many of you have asked were I find inspiration for cake and cookie decorating designs;

I gathering inspiration from my everyday world,

whether its the wonderful of nature outside my front door, various household, and jewelry decorations.

The inspiration for the garland tufted heart cookies were motivated by Jane Seymour’s jewelry collection.

The intricately and ornate pressure piped garland open heart would be striking with my Romantic Tufted Heart Cookies.

Either as wedding favor, plated beautifully for a bridal shower, or a intimate Valentine’s Day dinner.

They are also a brilliant way to practice royal icing pressure piping, scratch piping,borders, and tufting.

Open Tufted Garland Heart:

Elegant cookies by Bobbie Noto

A closer look!


  • PME #3 writing nozzle/tip
  • PME # 2 writing nozzle/tip
  • PME St 50 small leaf
  • #0 Artist brush
  • Scriber tool


Visit Shop 5th Avenue Cakes for supplies

Have your cookies baked cooled and cover the day before.

You will be using the technique of scratch pressure piping for additional depth to your petals.

“Scratch piping is a pressure piping whilst keeping the nozzle/tip on the cookie.”

Eddie Spence’s The Art of Royal icing has an entire chapter dedicated to scratch piping.

Tips for success:

Wedding favor cookies by Bobbie Noto

Try white on white with snow white lustre dust for delicate appearance!

1. The correct consistency of royal icing

2. Understing and knowing pressure piping

3. Keep your nozzle against a damp sponge or cloth

4. Only use your icing for 20 minutes and than re-beat and place in a clean cone or piping bag

Watch the video below to learn how I created the open tufted heart garland cookie

Royal Icing Consistencies:

For petals: Off peak consistency.
For leaves: Off-peak consistency.
For vines: Soft peak constancy.

  Visit Shop 5th Avenue Cakes for the tutorial on the construction of the  Open Garland heart

The tufted heart cookies can purchased decorated at Open Garland Heart

Wedding cookies by Bobbie Noto

Have fun with scratch piping!

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