Whimsical cupcakes by Bobbie Noto

Inspired by Whoville

You won’t believe how entertaining and easy to create these adorable cupcakes.

The embellishments have endless possibilities, start by sketching your cupcake on paper.

I promise your creative side will take over. I had more embellishments than spiraled Christmas tree cupcakes.

No worries I carefully stored the extras for another baking project.

For these cupcakes I adorn them with no cutter roses, snowflake flowers and standing snowflakes.

The trees can be created with fondant, gumpaste, or white modeling chocolate.

Adorable Christmas Cupcakes:

Christmas tree cupcakes by Bobbie Noto

The laced fondant with lustre dust adds a touch of elegance!


  • 24 cupcakes
  • Fondant,Satin Ice
  • Flower paste,
  • Modeling chocolate
  • Food paste:
  • Baby blue,Sf
  • Vine green, SKGI
  • White, Sf
  • Petal Dust
  • Fairy blue, CC
  • Pearl shimmer, Blossom
  • Silver, Blossom
  • Edible silver draggers
  • Egg white
  • Royal icing
  • water


  • PME holly leaf veiner punger
  • Kit box snowflake cutter
  • Small rolling pin
  • PME Three Leaf Holly  Plunger Cutters
  • Small #10 calyx cutter, OP
  • dimpled foam
  • Foam pad
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Claire Bowmanl lace mat
  • Artists brushes
  • Craft soft brush

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Start creating your trees and embellishments a day ahead. The next day bake your cupcakes and allow them to cool, cover then with fondant.

Lacing the Fondant:

Roll 3mm thickness of fondant, cut out a circle a tad larger than your covered cupcake.

Place the circle face down on a Claire bowman lace mat and using even pressure roll your mini rolling pin in one motion.

Gently release the mat from your fondant and re-cut the circle.

Apply, with a soft brush, a small amount of water over the top of your fondant covered cupcake. Attach and align the lace fondant circle, carefully smooth the sides.

Brush the entire lace fondant with fairy blue.

Join me,  watch the video, and together will create spatular Christmas cupcakes.

Modeling chocolate is easier to create the spiral trees; you can attach them with a tab of royal icing instead of using a spaghetti noodle.

Fun Christmas cupcakes by Bobbie Noto

So Cute!

They also taste yummy!

Whimsical cupcakes by Bobbie Noto

Have fun!

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