Christmas feast of lights by Bobbie Noto

A peaceful scenery piped on festive Christmas cookies!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is placing candles in the windows of our home. I wanted to recreate the mood and excitement of the Christmas season on

a sugar cookie.

The cookies above are a great way to practice basic pressure piping skills, scrolls, lines,bead work, and a little brush embroidery.

You will be practicing the three essentials for royal icing decorating, icing consistency, correct bag positions, and pressure control. You can pipe

any design by mastering those three essentials.

Festive Scenery Pipe on a Sugar Cookie:

Christmas scenery cookie by Bobbie Noto

the cookie is glowing with Christmas spirit


  • 1-Royal Icing recipe
  • Sugar cookie recipe
  • 20 grams of flower paste, for blossoms
  • Fondant, to cover cookie colored beige
  • Gooseberry food paste, SF
  • Egg Yellow food paste,SF
  • Red food paste , colour mixture
  • Dark brown food paste, SF
  • White food paste, Sf
  • Sunflower petal dust,SKGI
  • Cooled boiled water

 Equipment :

  • Small brush
  • Mini rolling pin
  • Foam pad, to work on, for blossoms
  • Ball tools
  • Orchard 5-petal blossom cutter, PME
  • Blossom veiner, Blossom
  • Parchment cornet or plastic piping bag
  • Pme Holder,  or a damp cloth
  • Pme #43 rope tube/tip
  • PME # 2 tube/tip
  • PME #1 writing tube/tip, for snow
  • 2 plastic piping bags, w/o tube/tips

Visit Shop 5th Avenue Cakes for supplies

One day prior to decorating your cookies bake and cool the cookies.

You can either cover the cookie with fondant or top coat royal icing.

If you choose to cover the cookies with fondant allow 4 hours for the fondant to set.

If you prefer top coated royal icing allow 24 hours for the royal icing to dry completely.

Recipe for consistencies:
The candles:  Off peak and rubbed down

The flame: Rubbed-down consistency

The branches: Stiff consistency

The snow: Rubbed-down consistency

The berries; Bead consistency

The leaves: Off-peak consistency

Watch the video below to learn how I created a festive Christmas scenery on a cookie.

Tips for success:

Christmas scenery cookie by Bobbie Noto

The blossoms give the extra touch!

Follow the recipe for correct consistencies, make sure your bag position is correct and you have proper pressure control.

If you watch the icing as you pipe you will be able gauge if your pressure and speed are compatible.

Christmas scenery cookie by Bobbie Noto

Have fun holiday decorating!

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