Santa Claus Cupcake by 5th Avenue Cake Designs

Santa claus spreading good cheer!

Christmas time seems to bring out my inner child. I remember waiting for Santa Claus is Coming To Town

to  air every year (this was prior to VHS and DVDs). I could not wait to see Fred Astaire (he happens to be in another favorite Christmas movie, Holiday Inn) narrate the show as a mailman.

The cupcakes above are inspired by both Fred Astaire and and the movie Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Santa Fondant Cupcake Design:

Santa Claus Cupcake by 5th Avenue Cake Designs

He is so cute!

Skill level – Easy


  • Mini rolling pin, Cc
  • Work Board, OP
  • Circle Cutter
  • Triangle cutte
  • Plain wheel, PME
  • Quilting tool, PME
  • Star modeling tool, PME
  • Piping tip, Wilton #12 round
  • Piping tip, Wilton #7
  • Storage bags for fondant and paste
  • Dental gauze wrapped with plastic wrap, tight and smith
  • Pink foam, Wilton or fun foam


  • Fondant, ivory coloured
  • Fondant, wedding white
  • Flower paste (gum paste),  white
  • Vanilla Bean Cupcake recipe
  • Crisco
  • Edible glue or egg white
  • Dusky pink,Sf
  • Satin doll, CC
  • Snow white glitter, CK
  • Pearl petal dust, Blossom
  • Artist brushes
  • Parchment paper squares

You can find supplies at 5th avenue Cakes shop

 The cupcakes need to be flat for the Santa Claus design, if your cupcakes are domed cut the tops off with a serrated knife, cover with a thin layer of marzipan,

allow to set overnight.

For the rim of the hat, the pom pom ball, mustache, beard, and whites of the eyes you need to knead a 75/25%  of gum paste and white fondant, (75% fondant 25% flower paste (gumpaste)

Watch the video below to learn how I created these fun sculpted santa claus cupcakes

 I hope you have as much fun as I did building your Santa Claus Cupcake

Santa Claus Cupcake by 5th Avenue Cake Designs

I would love to see your Santa Claus Cupcakes!

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