Adorable Halloween sugar cookie

Don’t you wish you could twitch your nose and everything would be awesome?

This Halloween I have created a “Bewitched” inspired sugar cookie. I have been a fan of Elizabeth Montgomery since I was quite young.

Bewitched aired in 1964, prior to my birth, however WGN Chicago showed reruns every afternoon. I would arrive home from school excitedly watch two episodes,

 pretend I could twitch my nose, and magically all my problems would be solved. Although I would practice her signature nose twitch

I was never was able to achieve more than a slight move.

Most of the cookies are top coated with added pipe accents.

“Bewitched” Inspired Sugar Cookie:

Adorable Halloween sugar cookie

Elizabeth Montgomery was beautiful; I hope I did her justice!


Doll cookie cutter

  • PME #3 nozzle, 2 needed, Wilton or Ateco # 3
  • PME #2.5
  • PME #2, Wilton or Ateco #2
  • PME # 1.5
  • PME #0
  • PME #1, wilton or Ateco #1
  • PME #57s, Ateco 101 or wilton 101
  • Tip savers, Wilton
  • Disposable piping bags
  • Scriber
  • Artistic brushes
  • Paper towel
  • #2 graphite pencil or food safe maker
  • Template, optional


  • Orange-vanilla spice cookie dough
  • Royal icing
  • Food paste
  • Black extra, SF
  • Violet, Chefmaster
  • Green, chef master
  • Paprika/flesh, SF
  • Claret, SF
  • Flesh tone petal dust,SF
  • Brown food safe maker

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Recipe for Black Colour:

"Bewitched inspired Halloween sugar cookie

The leaves were created using an oak leaf cutter and black gumpaste!

Royal icing is not a true white therefore if you add black to the icing it will be a dark grey.

To achieve a rich black you need to become a color chemist.

Per 175 grams/ 6-0nuces royal icing

1/8 teaspoon super black extra food paste

1/2 drop violet food paste

1/2 drop green food paste

Prior to adding the color, paddle the royal icing against a grease free board with a small off-set spatula

to eliminate any air bubbles.

Add all colored food pastes to the paddled royal icing and amalgamate until the colour is black.

You may need to play a little bit with amounts depending on your royal icing.

Watch the video below to learn the how to create these adorable “Bewitched” inspired sugar cookies

 have to admit recreating a childhood memory was a blast!

I have designed a template to transfer the piping lines of Bewitch on the inside of the cookie.

 Remember to use a graphite pencil or food safe maker.

Happy Halloween!

"Bewitched inspired Halloween sugar cookie

Have fun this Halloween creating your own Bewitched or any witch sugar cookie!

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