Billow Tufted Sugar Cookies

Pink ribbons and rose of hope!

A several years ago two special people in my life were diagnosed with cancer, the news every woman dreads hearing.

One of my friends is consider cancer free; the other friend lost her battle to cancer. Both women were/are strong, loving, and optimistic women,

who fought fiercely against this uninvited intruder.

Recently Sydney’s health and wellness professor gave a class assignment; they could choose a health issue to bring

awareness to. She chose cancer awareness, and asked if I would bake and decorate cookies to help the cause.

The billow weave cookies above is collaboration between 5th Avenue Cake Designs and Sydney.

Tufted Billow Weave Cookies:

Billow weave cookies

A small piped rose in the centre of the bow would be nice!


  • Rose petal cutter, OP
  • Foam pad
  • Soft pink foam pad
  • Fun foam
  • Ball tool
  • Ribbon cutter, Jem Strip 3 – 7mm
  • Dresden tool, FMM
  • Leaf tip, PME ST 50
  • Artist brush
  • Small embroidery scissors
  • 1-parchment cone
  • Paper towel


Visit Shop 5th Avenue Cakes for supplies

I choice a plaque shape cookie cutter, round would be nice too.

Once your cookies are cooled cover the with fondant. Normally most decorating methods can be interchangeable with royal icing. The tufted billow weave must

be on a fondant covered cookie.

If you want to use royal icing you will need to change the design to tufting.

Tufting has a similar appearance, though the soft billow weave effect unfortunately won’t be pronounced.

Watch the video below to learn the how to create these beautiful billow weave cookies…  you’ll want to be sure to watch until the end there are some extra tutorials  😉

The tufted billow weave method would be beautiful with myrtle white for a wedding favor.

Tufted billow weave cookies

Ribbons and roses on tufted billow weave for awareness!

If you don’t have the time to bake and decorate your tufted billow weave cookies you may purchase

them from 5th Avenue Cake Designs 10% of each sale will be donated to

The Nation Cancer Foundation 

Billow Tufted Sugar Cookies

Decorating fun to help awareness!

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