Sugar bats and ghosts just in time for Halloween

Trick or treat!

It is almost that time of year when kids (young and old) dress-up and celebrate Halloween. Most of us probably have either a Halloween party to host or are invited to one, and once you have

 that perfect costume in mind it is time to figure out how to bring to life. Now you have spent half the month perfecting your costume (and/or your children’s), you need to figure out the confections you will bring

or serve. These adorable cupcakes are super easy and have a show stopping quality.

 Orange spice Cupcake:

Sugar bats and ghosts just in time for Halloween

I love this little bat!


  • 1-recipe orange spice cupcakes
  • 1-recipe buttercream icing
  • Golden yellow food paste, for the buttercream
  • Forest green petal dust
  • Orange petal dust
  • Snow white dust
  • Pearl dust
  • Yellow sparkles piping gel (SK)
  • White modeling chocolate
  • Dark modeling chocolate
  • Black food paste
  • Cornstarch
  • Everclear


  • Bat, Cat, Pumpkin Mold (Sk product)
  • Ghost mold
  • Med Celpin
  • X-ceto knife
  • Fondant mat
  • Artist brushes
  • Toothpicks
  • Open or closed star tip/tube
  • Pastry bag and cornets

Find supplies here

Bake your cupcakes, and allow them to cool.

You will want to prepare your modeling chocolate 24 hours in advance for ghosts, bats and cats prior to

frosting your cupcakes.

Gather you supplies (mise en place)

Sugar bats and ghosts just in time for Halloween

Mise en place:
For an awesome modeling chocolate recipe visit craftsy Lauren Kitchens!


The Ghosts:

The mould for the ghost is an odd deep shape, I found the simplest method to placing the modeling chocolate in the mould is to create a wide log and push the fondant into the mould.

Using your thumb spread the modeling chocolate from top to bottom, and side to side, remove excess while the moldering chocolate is in the mould.

Carefully remove the ghost from the mould, allow to set for a few hours.

Pipe a small amount of yellow sparking piping gel in the ghosts’ eye sockets.

Roll 2 eyes per ghost equal in size, attach, using either your forefinger and thumb or tweezers with the yellow sparkles gel, and allow to dry.

Use a large powder brush and color the ghost snow white including the pumpkin of the ghost, you will go over with orange on the pumpkin.

For the pumpkin use Tahitian sun (orange) dust, and Forest green with a little cinnamon for the stem.

You can thread a lollipop stick into the bottom of the ghost.

The Bats and Cats: 

Sugar bats and ghosts just in time for Halloween

The cat scares me!

Knead a piece of black chocolate, using either the round end of the celpin or your finger tips push the black fondant into the mould.

To release the cat/bat figure from the mould,  gingerly lift it out from the mould. The mold is flexible, so slightly bend a corner.

If you have excess chocolate remove with finger tips while the fondant is still in the mould.

Pipe some yellow sparkle piping gel for the eyes for an eerie appeal!

Allow to set for a few hours, place the cats and bats into the centre of the buttercream swirl, once the buttercream crusts over the moulds will remain in place.

 Buttercream recipe:

 While your figures are setting, prepare and colour your buttercream. Swirl your cupcakes and add the figures in the centre.

Sugar bats and ghosts just in time for Halloween

Place pumpkins and gourds on your Halloween party table along with the cupcakes and sugar ghosts!

Happy Halloween!

Sugar bats and ghosts just in time for Halloween

Have fun creating easy, yet awe inspiring Halloween cupcakes!

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