learn how to pipe royal icing ranunculus and roses

Ranunculus and roses are an elegant choice for wedding cakes and cupcakes!

I adore the complexity of the Ranunculus flowers. I am in awe of their brilliantly colored flowers, numerous layers of delicate petals, and the labyrinth appearance.

In the past few years Ranunculus flowers have gained popularity with brides, for their bridal showers, for sugar spray cake toppers, and bouquets.

Roses are a timeless favorite of mine. The beauty and elaborate transition from bud, to partially open and finally completely open is mesmerizing. The full blown rose takes my breathe away.

So when asked if I could create cupcakes in lieu of the tradition wedding cake my brain “b-lined” to the Ranunculus and Roses. The couple wanted to stay within a budget (they were hosting their wedding).

My first instinct would be flower paste, however it would add to the cost of the final design. The bride was not a fan of buttercream so when I suggested royal icing everyone was happy. The bride loved the idea of using the traditional open Rose and the modern Ranunculus.

 I recently saw Ceri Dz  had piped Ranunculus; and they were amazing.

Since clients have different budgets, likes, and ideas and I thought it might be helpful to show a video depicting how to pipe Roses and Ranunculi.

Royal Icing Ranunculi and Roses:

learn how to pipe royal icing ranunculus and roses

When all the cupcakes are placed together they look like an English garden!


  • PME 57s, or 57R, or wilton/Ateco 101 nozzle
  • PME 58, 0r 58r(if left handed 58L),Wilton/Ateco 103
  • PME ST 51 or Wilton 66 or 68
  • #5/0 soft brush
  • Left over flower paste (gumpaste), coloured vine green
  • Cornstarch
  • Damp paper towel
  • Toothpicks
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Parchment paper cones or plastic piping bags
  • PME holder, optional


Visit Shop 5th Avenue Cakes for supplies

You will want to use freshly paddled royal icing. If you prepared your royal icing the day prior, no big deal. Place the icing in your mixer, on low speed mix the icing for 3 minutes (I find adding 1-tablespoon of sifted icing sugar helps to achieve the correct stiffness needed).

Remember to add you colour food paste mix well with a small spatula and place in your parchment cone fitted with the correct nozzle.

Now that you are ready and have your mise en place enjoy the video tutorial.

For the entire Complex Royal Icing Flowers HD video..24.59 minutes.

learn how to pipe royal icing ranunculus and roses

Ranunculus’ petals are bountiful and graceful

The Ranunculus and Rose cupcakes are perfect for special birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and bridal showers as well as weddings.

learn how to pipe royal icing ranunculus and roses

I used a small amount of Vine food paste to soften the bright white colour!

They would also be an exquisite border for a cake with a corresponding flower paste spray!

learn how to pipe royal icing ranunculus and roses

Happy intricate royal icing ranunculus and rose piping!


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