royal icing piping techniques

Sweet and tastefully decorated

I was asked to create lingerie cookies for a bridal shower. There is  fine line when you design lingerie cakes/cookies for bachelorette parties and/or bridal showers. You don’t want anything too risqué, that might offend a mother-in-law to be (for example), yet  you want the bride and her friends to have fun with the cookies. I find using vintage turn of the century inspiration keeps the theme elegant and tastefully decorated.

I have to admit I do enjoy creating lingerie cookies; they are an awesome canvas for royal icing piping. For the cookies above I used several piping techniques that I thought it would be beneficial for this video tutorial to teach how to create lace, beads, line work, and sharpen your piping skills. My inspiration for the lingerie was La Perla’s website, they have exquisite and classy garments, with a modern vintage note.

Wedding Shower Cookies:

learn royal icing piping skills and technique

There are so many designs for this one cookie!


  • Pme #1 nozzle
  • PME #57S,petal nozzle
  • Cornet piping bags
  • Scriber tool
  • Corset cutter
  • Spray bottle
  • Soft #0 round brush
  • Mini spatula
  • PME holder, on damp cloth
  • Embossing gun, optional



  • 1-Vanilla-Bean Recipe sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing
  • Soft-peak consistency
  • Off-peak consistency
  • Bead-work consistency
  • Medium consistency
  • Cooled boiled water, I like the water to be cold

You can find the supplies at 5th Avenue Cake Designs 

Covering of the Cookie:

royal icing piping techniques

You could turn the corset into a bathing suit design with a little tweaking!

You can cover the cookie in either royal icing or fondant.


If  fondant is your covering of your choice you will need to allow 4 to 6 hours for the fondant to set.

Royal Icing:

If royal icing is your covering of choice, you will want to use a 15 second topcoat to cover the cookie, and allow 24 to 48 hours for the royal icing to dry completely.

The royal icing must be completely dry.

To Achieve Cold Boiled Water:

I use an electric tea kettle to boil the water, next I allow the water to come to room temperature.

Finally I pour the room temperature water into a food safe (labeled) spray bottle, and place the spray bottle into the refrigerator.

Once cold, the spray bottle of water is ready to use.

Now that you have all your materials together, please enjoy the video tutorial!

If you chose to pipe lace on the topcoat portion allow the coating to completely dry!

The detail HD Video Tutorial  Lace Bridal Shower Cookie..36.32 minutes


How to create the eyelet lace

The bead work

The lace on the top coat.

royal icing piping techniques

To add a pearlized accent (or any colour accent) paint the dried royal icing with lustre dust and Everclear!

Once you are comfortable with detailed royal icing piping, the only limit to your cookies and cakes is your imagination!

learn how to pipe royal icing lace

Happy royal icing decorating!

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