learn how to make gumpaste pansies

The intricate details and colours of the pansies fascinate me!

Pansies always fascinated my grandma she loved Spring and all the beautiful blooming flowers. Last night my beloved grandma past away, she was 101 years old. She blessed me with amazing stories of her life, her optimistic outlook, and her wisdom. She was the person who influenced my cake decorating career.

Words cannot express the joy Grandma brought to everyone; instead of crying I am going to share a flower paste pansy tutorial in her honor. 

My technique for pansies is individual wired petal, although you can build a pansy in a Celformer, I find wiring each petal creates a realistic look.

So lets have some fun creating beautiful flower paste pansies!

learn how to make gumpaste pansies

Strong yet delicate, colorful and vibrate..The perfect sugar flower to represent my grandmother!

Lemon Zest Pansy Cupcake


learn how to make gumpaste pansies

A garden of pansy cupcakes!

  • Rose petal cutter, OP
  • Briar rose petal cutter,OP (optional)
  • Ceramic silk stick, HP
  • Dresden tool, FMM
  • Grove board, CC
  • 28 gauge white wire
  • 26 gauge nile green wire
  • Fine needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Dusting brushes
  • #2 fine paint brush
  • All-purpose leaf Cutter, ISAC or Oak leaf cutter, OP
  • Pansy leaf veiner, SKGI
  • Poppy veiner, JR
  • Six petal cutter #5, OP
  • Ball tools
  • Foam pad
  • Floral pad
  • Steamer, optional
  • Pasta machine, optional
  • Nile green floral tape, HH
  • Fondant smoothers
  • Small sugar paste rolling pin
  • Plastic mat or DYI plastic cut bag lightly coated with crisco
  • Fine Scissor
  • Make-up pads
  • Cocktail straw


  • 1-recipe lemon blossom cakes
  • Fondant covered cupcakes or mini cakes
  • Flower paste
  • Food paste
  • Electric yellow
  • Leaf green
  • Petal Dust
  • Daffodil
  • Plum
  • Violet
  • Ice blue
  • lime or vine green
  • Foliage green
  • Edible varnish
  • Egg white
  • Everclear
  • Crisco
  • Cornstarch

Supplies need can found at 5th Avenue Cake Designs

For the complete detailed Pansy HD download video series tutorial.

Bundle package

 Pansy…19.22 minute


learn how to make gumpaste pansies

Tranquil blue pansy on a frill cake!


Color well kneaded white sugar paste with leaf green paste and electric yellow. Roll the green paste into a log place on your groove board  and with your small sugar paste rolling pin roll up the groove and then down, be sure the paste is transparently thing. Transfer the paste to a cutting board, and cut three leaves with a leaf cutter or oak leaf cutter. Place two of the leaves under  a plastic mat. Cut 28 gauge wire into equal fourths, dip one of the cut wires into egg white and thread through the grooved part of the leaf, gently pinch as you twirl the wire to attach the petal on the wire. Use your metal ball tool to add movement to the leaf and to widen slightly (if you’re using an oak leaf cutter). Place the leaf on the pansy veiner, and transfer the veined leaf to your foam pad. Using your dresden tool on the side draw the tool outwards to give a serrated effect of the leaf and pull the dresden tool inwards to frill.

Gently pinch the top and base to exaggerate the spine of the leaf. Place on a foam former to dry.

Dust the leaves with lime green from the base upwards and the edges inwards, repeat with foliage green and cover the foliage green on the veins. Add a touch of plum to the spine and outer edge. Steam each leaf, allow to dry, and varnish, with 50/50 edible varnish .

learn how to make gumpaste pansies

They aroma is inciting and they taste heavenly!

 The Calyx:

Cut one calyx for each pansy. Soften as you elongate each petal of the pansy, using a ball tool half on the pad and half on the petal. Vein the centre of each petal with your dresden tool.

 Brush a small amount of egg white about 1/4 up from the centre of pansy.

Place the calyx on the a cosmetic pad and thread the pansy through the hole in the cosmetic pad, as you turn the flower upside down. Use the cosmetic pad to gently attach the calyx .

Allow to dry and dust with lime green and foliage.

 My grandma lead a full life with some awesome adventures. As a young girl she helped her mother bootleg liquor during the prohibition era (in Chicago).

My grandma was my hero and she could make me smile on even the worst day!

101 years just wasn’t enough for someone as special as her. Although  will me miss her I know she is watching over me.


learn how to make gumpaste pansies

Happy flower paste decorating!

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