learn how to paint  Limoges rose on cake

Perfect for Easter or Mother’s Day!

I wanted to share a few cookies that I created this past weekend. I was hired by a neighbor from my past,(high school to be exact), who wanted some cookies for a church auction.  She had seen my parrot tulips on Facebook and wanted me to design three dozen hand painted rose sugar cookies. She supplied a glass vase for the inspiration, she wanted the design to match. I made a few slight changes to accommodate the size of the cookie.

The cookies were a great success at the auction and every had a wonderful time!

I had loads of fun creating the rose painted cookies and decided to share a video tutorial with you. I realized they would be perfect for Easter, or better yet Mother’s Day. With a hand painted card to match and a dozen roses, your mother will be over the moon!

Rose Painted Sugar Cookies:

learn how to paint rose on cakes and cookies

With a hint of lemon zest and vanilla bean the cookies are not only pretty , but taste awesome too!


  • #9 flat brush,
  • 1/4 angle shader brush
  • 1/8 scruffy brush
  • 2/0 Script
  • Foam plate
  • Painters palate, optional
  • Brush Basin, Optional ( a large plastic cup will work too)


  • Sugar cookie, covered with or fondant or royal icing
  • Royal icing
  • Food Paste
  • ice blue SF
  • Pink, Sf
  • Super white, SF
  • Gooseberry, Sf or Moss green,W
  • Bitter lemon/lime, SKGI
  • Piping gel, clear CK

You can find the supplies at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes 

The 1/4 angle shader is a small brush, and it is imperative to keep the toe white and the heel blue. Due to the size is easy for the colours to become muddy.

If your petals start to look one color, wipe the brush with a paper towel and reload.

Recipe for Wisteria:

1 part ice blue

1 part pink

Pounce the scruffy into the mixture completely, and then pounce 1/2 of scruffy in white food paste.

Pounce on you palate or foam plate to check colour, and proceed to pounce on the cookie.

Be sure to bring the wisteria to a point!

learn how to paint rose on cakes and cookies

Remember to have fun!

The link for  in-depth video of the entire Hand Painted Rose Sugar Cookie HD video..25:10 minutes

I donated a matching cake to the charity auction and will post those photos soon.

learn how to paint rose on cakes and cookies

Happy Cookie decorating!

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