learn how to paint on cakes and cookies

Tulips are another favorite spring flower!

Parrot tulips are perfect for an early spring wedding, with their curly, twisted, and fringed petals that resemble feathers. Painting them on a sugar cookie would be a beautiful wedding favor, the colour combinations are endless. Once you master painting the petal layering is fun and extravagant!

I wanted to prepare a video tutorial that would help you successfully paint any type of leaf/petal to resemble your favorite flower. There are a few techniques for different types of petals and leaves. I will start with some basics for you to practice and then demonstrate few intermediate petals and leaves. I hope once you have studied these methods you will have a brilliant time painting on cookies,cakes, and cupcakes.

Parrot Tulip Painted Sugar Cookie:



learn how to paint on cakes and cookies

By changing the colour recipe you have lavender and magenta for your tulips!

  • #9 flat brush,
  • 1/4 angle shader brush
  • Foam plate
  • Painters palate, optional
  • #2 PME writer nozzle/tip, for the border
  • Paper towels


  • 1-Saffron Sugar cookie recipe, covered with or fondant (Satin Ice) or royal icing
  • Royal icing
  • Food Paste
  • ice blue SF
  • Pink, Sf
  • Super white, SF
  • Gooseberry, Sf or Moss green,W
  • Vine, SKGI
  • Piping gel, clear CK
  • Water

You can find the supplies at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes 

 Tulip Colour Recipe:

For the lavender colour mix 3 parts ice blue to 1 part pink.

For the Magenta Colour mix 3 part pink to 1 part ice blue.

Then properly load the angle shader with white on the toe and the colour of choice on the heel.

I have added a petal photo study.

learn how to paint on cakes and cookies

Petal/leaf stroke study

Placement guide of the entire flower.

learn how to paint on cakes and cookies

A flower map!

Please enjoy the video.

The link for the intermediate Parrot Tulip HD video..27.04 minutes

Although I said you can load on a paper towel, I meant a foam paper plate!

The best method for practicing edible painting is to cover a cake cardboard  with fondant allow it to dry for 4 hours and practice the different strokes, create a few flowers and ribbons.

learn how to paint on cakes and cookies

By adding the white while you load your brush the food paste dries in a few hours!

Once you feel comfortable cover a styrene cake with either fondant or marzipan and royal icing cover. Allow the styrene cake to dry for several hours if fondant, if royal icing 24 to 48 hours of drying time is necessary. Decide on a pattern and paint your design. I find painting on royal icing or fondant cookies is sometimes less intimidating than an entire cake.

learn how to paint on cakes and cookies

Happy cookie decorating!

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