learn how to hand paint cakes and cookies

The sugar cookie frame was inspired by extravagant tropical Hawaiian gardens!

Hand painting on cookies/cakes (either covered in fondant or royal icing) are edible works of art. You can choose to paint a simple design or ornately elegant complex wedding flowers. Almost any design is stunning to look at. Like most cake decorating techniques, the only limitation is your imagination. Hand painting easily complements both traditions cake decorating method and new trending ones. By adding an over piped border to the cookie we changed the flowing from modern to almost heirloom.

The inspiration Β for the Bromeliad (a tropical Hawaiian flower) originated from a post card I brought years ago when visit Hawaii ( I collect post cards). The painted centre became the inspiration for fleur de lis over piping.

You will see how fun this design is to re create in our video tutorial!

Hand Painted Bromeliad Sugar Cookie:

learn how to hand paint cakes and cookies

A close up photograph of the Bromeliad!


  • #10 flat brush, 2
  • #2 script brush
  • Foam plate
  • Painters palate, optional
  • Brush Basin, Optional ( a large plastic cup will work too)
  • PME #43 rope nozzle/tip
  • #2 PME writer nozzle/tip


  • Sugar cookie, covered with or fondant or royal icing
  • Royal icing
  • Food Paste
  • Magenta, SF
  • Super white, SF
  • Gooseberry, Sf or Moss green,W
  • Melon,SF or lemon, w
  • Piping gel, clear CK

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Royal Icing Covered Cookie:

If you choose to cover the cookie in royal icing, you will need to wait until the icing is completely dry (at least 24 hours from covering).

Fondant Covered Cookie:

If you chose covering the cookie with fondant you will need to wait 4 hours to firm up.

learn how to hand paint cakes and cookies

The front cookie is covered with fondant and the back cookie is covered with royal icing.

In order to paint the Bromeliad’s leaves, piping gel is necessary. Β The gel works like a painting medium without the colours becoming muddy.

FYI: Royal icing is a slicker canvas, your brush is going to slide faster than on fondant.

Have fun with this video showing how to hand paint and pipe the tropical sugar cookie.

learn how to hand paint cakes and cookies

Caution edible hand painting is additive!

Remember hand painting takes a little time and practice, so become comfortable and relax..It is time to paint!

To Learn More Hand Painting Tropical Flowers on a Sugar Cookie:

Tropical Painted Sugar Cookie Hd Video Β  24.12 minutes.

learn how to hand paint cakes and cookies

Have fun cake decorating on sugar cookies!

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