Learn how to make flower paste cherry blossoms with individual petals!

lowerpaste/gumpaste cherry blossoms makes a fabulous statement for a wedding theme!

Generally blossom flowers are considered as a filler flower; however the exquisiteness of Cherry Blossoms puts the flower in a class above the rest. There are not many flowers that can compete with dreaminess of the cherry blossom. If the alluring pink colour doesn’t grab your eye, the sweet delicate nature of each individual blossom will. Designing the cherry blossom with wired individual petals transposes the flower from a background ย filler flower to the cake’s main focal point.

The romantic omnipresence of the cherry blossom makes them a perfect choice for a wedding, from accenting the invitations, favors, and table centre pieces. Between their allurement and color, cherry blossoms are a brilliant answer to a spring or summer wedding theme.

For the video on edible hand painting the cherry blossom cakeย 

Flower Paste Cherry Blossoms:

Cherry Blossom Spray:

learn how to make cherry blossoms and petals

The colour is spectacular for weddings.


  • 1/4 angle shader,Scharff
  • #4 round brush, Scharff
  • Palatte
  • Foam plate
  • Brush Basin
  • Pasta machine
  • Primrose cutters,OP
  • Christmas rose cutter,TT
  • Christmas rose veiner,SKGI
  • Dresend tool. Fmm
  • Celstick
  • Celpad
  • Jasmine cutter, Fmm for calyx
  • Grove board,CC
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • 26 gauge wire
  • 24 gauge wire
  • 20 tauge wire
  • Brown floral tape
  • Primrose cuttter, OP
  • Small Stamens
  • Brushes for dusting
  • Large bunch of stamens


  • Food Paste
  • Baby Pink,Sf
  • Bright white,SF
  • Dark Brown
  • Plum Petal dust,SF
  • Baby Pink petal dust,SF
  • Fairy Pink, CC
  • Egg white
  • Cooled boiled water
  • Small spikes
  • Flower paste/gumpaste

I coloured the flower/gumpaste lightly with pink.

You will want to create the the cherry blossoms ahead of time.

The can be stored until ready to use them

ย For the HD Wired Individual Petals Cherry Blossom Flower download tutorial.

Learn how to make flower paste cherry blossoms with individual petals!

A romantic Cherry blossom wedding cake!

ย The cake above is a balance of traditional petals and trendy hand painted flowers, for a breath taking wedding cake!

Adding the small cherry blossoms around the cake adds an extra special touch.

learn how to make cherry blossoms and petals

The cherry blossoms above was created with a single 5-petal cutter!

Weddings and Cherry blossoms go hand in hand.

learn how to make wired cherry blossom petals

Sweet cake decorating.

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