wet on wet royal icing technique

Elegant and easy wet on wet poinsettias technique!

I wanted to share a quick royal icing technique, wet on wet. Wet on wet  is a method of using a royal icing constancy of 10-12 seconds to top outline, coat, and decorate your cookies  in a few minutes. For the poinsettia cookie above it literally took me 3.5 minutes to outline, cover, and decorate. Once the wet on wet method was finished I allowed the sugar cookie to dry for about 2 hours, piped a snails trail boarded, and  allowed the cookie to completely dry. The results are not only beautiful, but simple.


Royal Icing Wet on Wet Poinsettia Cookie:


  • Plastic Piping bags, 5  piping bags
  • PME #2 tip, you will need two
  • PME  ST# 50 sm leaf tip
  • Toothpicks
  • Non-stick board, OP
  • Spatula, I use a separate spatula for each colour, optional
  • Damp cloth
  • Scriber, PME, or cocktail stick


  • 1- recipe royal icing
  • Cooled boiled water
  • Moss green food paste, Wilton
  • Pink Paste, Wilton
  • Christmas Red, Chefmaster
  • Red Red, Chefmaster
  • Violet, Chefmaster
  • Golden yellow, Chefmaster

You can find most of the supplies here

To Colour:

For white: Use uncoloured royal icing.

For light pink: 1/4 toothpick of pink.

For medium pink: 1/4 tooth pink, 1/8 toothpick christmas red.

For Red: 1/4 tooth violet, 1/8 toothpick golden yellow, 2 drops red red, and 2 drops christmas red.

For green: 1/2 toothpick moss green.

If you have any question please contact me or leave a message.

wet on wet royal icing technique

It is alright if each poinsettia cookie looks a little different!


wet on wet royal icing technique






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