learn to make an elegant brush embroidered poinsettia sugar cookie card

Poinsettia Christmas Card cookie Fun!

I wanted to compose a unique Christmas video tutorial to start the holidays off with you. Sugar  cookie christmas cards seemed to “fit the bill.” Who wouldn’t want a sugar cookie card? It is edible, personally designed for a special person in your life. This past Valentine’s Day I created sugar cookie cards tutorial, it was amazing to see each recipient’s eyes dance as they opened the gift box with the sugar cookie card inside. The possibilities to sugar cookie cards are endless. You could place your own unique words inside the card with the aid of Icing Images is just one example, let your imagination soar with this cards!

For this design you will need:

Poinsettia Christmas Cookie Card:

brush embroidery video tutorial

The elegance of a white poinsettia!


  • Pme #2  plain tip/tube, two of tubes
  • PME # 43 rope tube
  • Dampened paper towel
  • Dry paper towel
  • Piping bag, 10 inch parchment paper or plastic
  • Pme Icing bag stand
  • Gel brush with dotting tool
  • Fancy square cookie cutter
  • Plain square cookie cutter, for the back of the card
  • Piping gel, CK
  • Rolling pin
  • Work maPoinsettia Template
  • Plastic bag, to keep fondant fresh
  • Fondant smoothers


  • 1-recipe Saffron Sugar Cookies
  • Royal icing, off peak consistency & stiff consistency
  • Food paste
  • Vine green, SKGI
  • Moss Green, wWilton
  • Cool boiled water in a small bowl
  • Piping gel
  • Fondant, mocha and cinnamon knead

You can find most of the supplies here:

For a Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Card 

Knead your fondant, mix the flavors together and knead until amalgamated. Roll the fondant to 1/8-inch or 3.8 mmm and using the fancy square cookie cutter cut out the shape. Lightly  brush the fancy square sugar cookie with piping gel, align the cut shaped fondant on the cookie, smooth to attach.

Transferring the Poinsettia Design

I used my own drawing of a poinsettia (available with the other supplies). With a #2B pencil I drew the design on tracing paper, you will want a paper you can see through to transfer to your fondant or royal icing coated cookie.

Turn the tracing paper over, so the graphite is laying on the fondant/or royal icing top coat. Use the dot tool on the other end of the gel brush, and gently trace over the poinsettia design.

Lift the tracing paper off the cookie, the graphite should have transferred to the cookie.

For Royal Icing Covered Cookie

Use a 10 second top coat consistency  of royal icing pre-colored ivory. Allow the icing to to dry overnight (the royal icing needs to be completely dry). You can use the dot tool, if you use the tool like a scriber tool or you can use a scriber tool. Transfer the design as explained above.

If you want to see an example the Valentines Sugar Cookie Card  is completely designed with royal icing.

In my next post I will show you how to create the bow and boarder the Poinsettia brush embroidered sugar cookie card.


brush embroidery  video tutorial


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