Royal icing Filigree box tutorial

Hat with filigree hatbox and tissue paper!

This is part two of the Fashion Inspired Fondant: Great Gatsby Hat. The royal Icing filigree hatbox. You will need five sugar cookie squares 2-1/2 by 2-1/2 for each hat.

As I mention in the Great Gatsby hat post the sugar cookies are for a wedding in May and I thought the boxes would be little gift for the guests; I will try to remember to tell you if the  hats and boxes are a success at the wedding. The bride”s mother  and the bride to be loved the boxes and hat prototypes!

The Royal Icing Filigree Box:

Royal icing filigree piping and sugar cookie box tutorial

I love all different types of fondant fashion inspired textures from the Gatsby era!

All of the products, excluding cookie cutters are available Here

  • 2- sugar cookie recipe
  • 2-1/2 by 2-1/2 square cutter
  • 1-royal icing recipe, colored ivory and soft peak consistancy
  • Parchment cones or piping bags
  • PME # 3 tip/tube or # 2
  • Old gold petal dust, CK
  • #1 Paint brush
  • Everclear, or lemon extract
  • Viva paper towel
  • Cooled  boiled water, one small bow

 Remember the  filigree is a any scroll pattern.

Construction of the filigree sugar cookie hatbox. Allow the box to set-up overnight.

The boxes would be a great for teacher gifts at Christmas, change the Gatsby style hat to Santa’s hat, or top hat (like a snowman)!

Royal icing filigree piping and sugar cookie box tutorial

A box is alway prettier with a little tissue paper


How To Pipe Filigree Using The Royal Icing


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