fashion inspired fondant hat

I absolutely love the Gatsby era for fashion inspiration!

I had a client contact me after seeing the 1920 Antique Lace Royal Icing Brush Embroidery Clock; inquiring if I could design wedding favor cookies from the Great Gatsby era. Her daughter’s May wedding is fashioned inspired from the movie. I thought hats and hat boxes would be “ritzy.” I sketched out a few ideas and then proceed to bake and decorate a few prototypes for her to taste and see. Sydney will also be a recipient of the yummy sugar cookies.

Great Gatsby Fashion Inspired Cookies supplies:


  •  Egg sugar cookie cutter
  • PME veining tool
  • Linen tool, HP
  • FMM ribbon cutter
  • 6-petal blossom cutter, N 1-4
  • Designs of your choice
  • Cookie sheets
  • Parchment paper or silpat
  • Cooling rack



I would love to see your fashion inspired Great Gatsby hat, with your designs!

The Filigree Box Tutorial

fashion inspired fondant hat

This is the filigree hatbox for the Great Gatsby Hat!


Fashion inspired fondant


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