frilling a cake tutorial

She looks so elegant in her Easter bonnet!

I have had a love for Judy Garland since I was a little girl; my father introduced me to The Wizard of Oz when I was two. From that moment on, I watched every Judy Garland movie I could find. I still can recall the first time I saw Judy Garland and Fred Astaire dancing and singing to classics like “We’re a Couple Swells”, “Drum Crazy”, and of course “Easter Parade”. I introduced Sydney to Judy Garland and now we both share an admiration for her movies.

Sydney thought it might be fun to dedicate a blog to the Easter Parade. She happened to be home this past weekend (President’s Day), we had the opportunity to create these classical Easter Bonnet Frill Cakes!

Easter Bonnet Frills:

Frilling a cake tutorial

The ladies look angelic!


  • Pasta Machine
  • Fondant smoothers, JEM
  • Face mold
  • Circle cutter
  • Knife
  • X-acto knife
  • 24 gauge wire
  • Foam pad
  • Frill, Garrett cutter, OP
  • Ceramic frill stick, HP
  • Medium cel stick
  • 5 petal cutter small, OP
  • Artistic brushes
  • Plastic bags
  • Fresh mat
  • Tooth picks
  • Viva Paper towels
  • White floral tape
  • Wheel cutter
  • Clay gun, Makins


  • Food paste, Red, black, violet, white, & brown
  • Fondant
  • 50/50 fondant & gumpaste, Fondarific
  • Edible glue, sugar water, egg white, or store bought
  • Gold lustre
  • Petal dust, NYCake
  • Vodka
  • Corn starch
  • Crisco

Prepare the face mise en place.

Frilling a cake tutorial

Prepare your ladies face mise en place

 I created the face mold from dental mold materials, but MYOM has amazing mold making materials.

To create the face, I used Antique White from Fondarific because it was perfect for the transparent look. Knead a ball of antique white fondant, roll the ball into an egg shape, lightly  corn starch the mold, and push the fondant into the mold. Use your thumb to push the fondant against the mold, turn the mold toward your mat, and allow the face to gently release. Place a 24 gauge wire under the chin and cover with white floral tape.

Now paint the details into her face, the eyes, blush, and lips. Add a drop of vodka to each color of  food paste to create an edible paint.

For gold accent add few drops of vodka to gold luster for paint that is on the thicker side.

For the Bonnet/ Flowers

Knead 50/50  fondant and gumpaste, add desired food paste color, roll the 50/50 and place the 50/50 in a pasta machine.  Gradually bring the 50/50 to #4 on the pasta machine.  Cut one circle for the cap of the bonnet.  Start by cutting the circle in half and apply with a little edible glue the hat (sugar water, egg white, and store bought) to the top of the ladies head, resembling a swimmers cap. Repeat the first two steps.  Using your Garrett cutter, cut one frill circle and place the frill circle under a stay fresh mat. Cut 2 blossoms with your #5 petal cutter.

Frill one of the 5 petal blossoms on a foam pad.  With the opposite end of your Celstick (not the point), holding the Celstick at a 45 degree angle begin to frill each of the five petals.  Gather the petal from the bottom and pick each petal one at a time.  Allow to dry for about 15 minutes, repeat the method on the second 5 petal blossom.  Gently wrap the second blossom around the first. Allow to dry and set aside. Once dry, petal dust and add gold accent to the tip of the frill.

The Rim

Transfer you garret frill to a foam pad, again using you blunt end of a medium Celstick frill the garrett circle.  Hold the Celstick at a 45 degree angle, with firm pressure roll the celstick back and forth around the entire garrett circle. I prefer to use my pointer and index fingers to roll the Celstick. As you roll each grove of the circle, you will notice the 50/50 will begin to frill. Cut the circle open with either a knife, pizza cutter, or x-acto knife. Turn the open frilled garret so the opposite side is facing you, apply the edible glue, and attach to the cap. Create the top portion of the bonnet, and attach with the edible glue.

Using a clay extruder and the open round disk.  Create a roll, attach it between the top of bonnet and the rim, now apply edible glue to the 5 petal blossom, and attach the blossom to the roll.

Allow the bonnet to dry, petal dust, and gold paint the rim on the tip of the bonnet.

The Cake


Prepare your mise en place.

Frilling a cake tutorial

Cake frill mise en place

Maggie Austin has a wonderful tutorial teaching the frilling of an Ombre Cake on Craftsy.

Once you understand the method, the possibilities are endless. Sydney and I had a sensational time creating the faces and bonnets.  She wasn’t home long enough to bake and frill the baby cakes, but she Facetimed with me as I baked the cakes and frilled them.

She also will be enjoying the Easter Bonnet Frill Cakes, as I overnight them to her!

There is nothing like creating and decorating a cake with your daughter or son ( I have only a daughter)!

Frilling a cake tutorial

Sydney wants me to sew her a bonnet like the frill cakes!


Frilling a cake tutorial



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