Lavender-Vanilla Macarons

Macaron Terms: 

Tant pour tant: Half and half, half almond flour and icing sugar

Meringue: whipped egg whites

French Meringue: Egg whites, room  temperature, whipped with high percentage of sugar

Italian Meringue: Liquid Egg whites, room temperature, whipped with a sugar syrup

Macaronnage: Folding the almond flour mixture with the meringue

Macaronner: The final batter

Pied: Baked Macaron with crinkled foot

Colorant: Powder or gel food coloring for the the macaron shell and filling

Fillings: A creamy delicious crème anglais, buttercream, crème frâche, jam, or ganache flavored are only limited by your imagination

Piping pressure: The amount of pressure applied when piping the batter.

Off peak: Semi-firm meringue  however the peak curves slightly

See the bend

Piping: pouring the Macaronnage into a disposable piping bag with an open tube to achieve equal size circles

**If using Italian meringue keep the temperature of meringue between 40 to 45 degrees C/ 105 to 113

 Have a sweet macaron day!


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