Clean and refreshing

I was hosting a late afternoon get-together for some of my sorority sisters and Sydney. With Sydney transferring to D.C. I wanted her to hear how pledging a sorority can give you a family; helping her acclimate to a new and exciting environment. Colorado’s temperature was about 30 degrees F, so a warm cocktail sounded perfect, but the drink needed to be light and refreshing as well as warm. I kept thinking of tea and I had brought the most wonderful vanilla tea leaves back  with me from France (the tea is available in the US), lemon is a great marriage with tea so addition of Limencello was a must. I was reminded we also had a aromatic vanilla cognac in our bar; the drink was set. We now needed to prepare a test run and try it out; what we must endure for entertaining. Both Sydney and I were completely delighted by the flavor; which would be spectacular over ice too.

Noto-Cello Tea:

  • 510 grams/  8-cups (6-ounce per cup) water
  •  3 Tablespoons Vanille tea (Vanilla tea)
  • 7 grams/ 4 ounces limecello
  • 7 grams/ 4-ounces Vanilla Cognac
  • 2 lemons,  juiced


Prepare your mise en place.

Mise en place

 Steep the vanilla tea in either a french press or an 8-cup glass jug with 3- steeping spoons.

This portion was for two servings

Add the limencello, 63 grams/1/2-once per person.


Add the Vanilla cognac, 63 grams/ 1/2-ounce per person.

Vanilla Cognac, yum!

Pour the Vanilla cognac over the Limencello.

Sunshine in a glass

Pour the steeped vanilla tea in café cups over the liquors. Add the lemon juice.  Garnish with a lemon wheel and vanilla bean.

The vanilla tea should steep for 5 minutes

 For iced Noto-Cello steep the tea, allow to cool, pour the liquors and tea over an 8-ounce glass of ice.



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