This place brings me peace

In between the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it is sometimes hard to step back and take a breath. Remember what this time of year is really for: hope and bringing hope to others. Sydney and I try to seek the crustiest person of our day and make them smile; even if it is a smirky smile. I promise you if you inspire one person with kindness not only will you feel uplifted, but they will feel inspired to seek out a needy soul too.

I am not being corny nor am I claiming my life is perfect, but if you choose to uplift yourself and others (especially in these trying times) life will become worthy. Would you rather be with a person who is always sad and angry or someone who sees the fun?

Spiced nuts; sweet and savory just like life

I met a friend last week on a day I was grumpy and driving Sydney “nuts.”Β Mark, my friend, was in a great mood, wearing one purple sock and one pink sock (for no particular reason). I asked him what was new and his replied “nothing he just loves life.” His life is no more special than anyone else’s, except it is his and he has chosen to grab all the good about his life as he can. Within moments of meeting I stated that I felt uplifted; I wasn’t grumpy at all. I pondered the transition in myself for days, I even talked to Sydney about the experience. We both came to the same conclusion feelings whether joyful or depressed are contagious; it is a wonderful phenomenal experience to be able to effect another human being positively.

Since that day I have consciously made an effort to bring laughter to another person who may be feeling down. I awake every morning now with a mission and if I forget the marvelous feeling of helping others Sydney is there to remind me.

Today we brought a friend who is going through a hard time his favorite treat, lavender macarons. His smile warmed my heart. If even for a few moments he felt better it was well worth the effort!


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