Sydney adds a unique and special touch to each food shoot

Life seems to send signs and guides; if we take a moment to listen: When Sydney and I began Bobbie’s Baking Blog it was as a tool to keep us in touch by a common passion. In all honesty I was having a hard time letting go of a friend, daughter, and business partner, the blog eased the emptiness. We could bake the same treats at the same time. When Sydney transferred back to Colorado she became inthralled with food styling; she was a natural. The food began to have personality, it literally jumped off the page dancing with palatability . Look at the care that goes into adding poinsettia to The Cranberry Bundt Cake

I watched as both my blog and Sydney changed; with an array of beauty and confidence . Sydney is a natural, I sometimes stand in awe as I watch her change something tiny; this changes the entire story of  the photo. She intuitively understands the picture and what I am want the food to visually express.

Her artistic talent speaks in volumes in this photo

I was apprehensive as we moved from natural light to studio light, but after the first food photo session she was in her element. Sydney’s invaluable knowledge of what I in-vision and meticulous nature are the perfect combination. We will have a discuss of the layout prior to setting the scene; by the time the layout is ready for its photo session she has designed a breathe taking scene. I feel as if we are seasoned dancing partners able to follow each other’s steps. As we designed The  Cranberry-Pomegrante Marshmallows scene she innately knew  putting the little cranberries around the plate and throughout out the scene would draw your eyes to the marshmallows.

Just the addition of the pear changed the composition of this photo

I admire her spunk and her willingness to take calculated risks with our photos. She moved that pear at least four times till the angle was correct; an accent to the photo without competing with The Caramelized Pear Tart .

Sydney examining each detail

As a mother I am delighted to see such passion pour from her brain; as her business partner and creator of the food I feel fortunate my creations are in superb caring hands!


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