"Yum; Is that for Me?"

As the Halloween weekend approaches and all the little princesses, snow whites, Elmos, batmans, princes, and Lighting Mcqueens costumes are hanging in anticipation for the one night, the cute children/ or grown-ups still wanting to be a child are encouraged to ask for sweet treats. Yes, there are those who will give raisins or carrots with dressing, but mostly yummy candy are placed in a sack after going door to door.

"Pumpkin, I've got my eyes on you"

Sydney and I for years have baked exquisite treats for the special children and family members in our lives. I must admit we have never put together a treat bag filled with M&M’s, Reese cups, or any other commercialized candy. Not that those candies aren’t tasty, but there is something about homemade chocolate truffles, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and cinnamon chocolates.

This is our Noto Unit Tradition and we invite you to join in the fun; you may never go back to the store bought treats.

For the Treat Bags:

1-recipe Apple Cider Spider cupcakes

1-recipe Vanilla Bean cupcakes

1- recipe Mini Pumpkin Pillows

1-recipe Sugar Cookies Baked This Way

1- recipe Dulce de Leche Truffles

1-recipe Chocolate Candies

Cupcake holders

Gift bags

Pipe cleaners, orange and black


Business cards, optional

Witch hole puncher

A good sense of humor

Prepare your Halloween mise en place.

Mise en place

The Chocolate Candies.

We used parchment paper squares and twisted the ends

Β The Cupcakes, Sugar Cookies, Truffles ect.

Anything you create will be special; it came from the heart

Β Arrange the Halloween treats so that each candy or divine treat is visible, tie with either the Β pipe cleaner, raffia, or ribbon (anything that looks fun).

Lastly, give them away.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy your treats!



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