I think the ghost is contemplating eating the chocolate candies

“What a week I’m having”Β and it is only Monday. I had my entire week organized in order to have all my last minute Halloween treats finished and delivered (plus the DMBLGIT). The day began well, Sydney and I even had a chance to meet for lunch, baking went well. DF at the last minute needed to fly to Boston, okay I’m used to him traveling, then it happened. Sydney ran to the mall to grab a few accessories for food photos, we were almost home. I was looking at Sydney, she was driving, I saw the car next to her, but as the car on her driver side moved towards her, I was dumb-founded, next that awful noise..CRUNCH. The car hit Sydney’s car parallel, the thoughts going through my mind, I can’t put into words. Sydney must have a guarding angel, she wasn’t badly hurt, the driver of the other car was fine, the car needs a little trip to the repair shop though!


Yes you can to impress your friends with homemade chocolate candy


Cinnamon Chocolate Candies:

Chocolate molds (pumpkins, leaves, acorns)

Small blowtorch

250 grams/ 8.2-ounces bittersweet Β chocolate, for leaves/ acorns

125 grams/ 4.4 -ounces white chocolate, for pumpkins

1/4-teaspoon cinnamon, for the leafs and acorns

Orange food gel or powder colorant, for pumpkins

In either a Bain Marie water bath or tabletop tempering machine begin to melt the chocolate, I started with the bittersweet.

Tabletop tempering machine for the home chocolatier

If you are using a Bain Marie water bath over medium-low heat, reserve about 60 grams/ 1/4 of the finely chopped chocolate. When the chocolate has melted take off the heat and add the reserved chocolate (the seed as it is referred to), stir the chocolate till the temperature is 32 degrees C./ 92 degrees F.Add the cinnamon to either method while it is melting.

Remove the glass to a workspace and stir

There are a few ways to transfer the chocolate to the chocolate molds, but I find the most efficient is to pour the chocolate into a disposable piping bag, cut the tip from the bottom (once the chocolate is in the piping bag), and with light pressure pipe the chocolate into the mold.

Pumpkin molds

Since this step of filling the molds needs to be done quickly I was unable to achieve a good photo of this step.

It is important to stretch the molds

Using a small blowtorch quickly heat the filled molds, to help them set.

Allow the chocolate to set at room temperature for 15 minutes

The same technique is used for white chocolate except it will melt at a lower temperature and it needs to temper at 28 degrees C/ 80 degrees F. add the orange color once the temperature reaches 30 degrees C/ 86 degrees F.

Once the chocolate has cooled place in the refrigerator for 15 more minutes, invert, and gently pop the candies out.

Store in a cool place till ready to serve.


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