Sydney designed a beautiful bouquet of Red Strawberries

Sydney and I are Farmer’s Market addicts. Between the warm Colorado early summer air and the aromatic smells of the produce, the Farmer’s Market becomes almost as captivating as Fifth Avenue (almost!). The strawberries were intoxicating this past weekend; I was elated, and bought more than we needed. Since strawberries are Sydney’s favorite summertime fruit we decide to create a Crème Friache Frangipane Strawberry Tart. Generally we add rhubarb to our tarts, but there didn’t seem to be any rhubarb, and the ginger root looked plump and smelled fragrant.

As odd as this may sound strawberries have a special place in our lives. When Sydney was young I planted a Small strawberry patch. Anyone who has ever planted strawberries, will appreciate small and strawberries as an oxymoron.Needless to say my entire garden, that year became a gargantuan sea of red juicy strawberries. I think I developed over twenty recipes using strawberries, strawberry soup, smoothies, tarts, candies, strawberry glazed Cornish Game Hens.. nothing was off-limits.

While Sydney and I were in France last year the strawberries season had begun and we found the most alluring angelic strawberries. The red color was deep, the aroma leap from the stand, and they were the size of small peaches. I had never seen strawberries of this magnitude, I bought the biggest crate there. We had so many strawberries in our hotel room, I found myself giving some away to the room service gentleman each night he brought up our late night snack!

Although these strawberries are admirable I must admit they aren’t even close to the Strawberries in France

After thoroughly exhausting the Farmer’s Market we headed home to create delectable treats with the seasonal produce. We began working with the plethora of strawberries first. Almonds are a wonderful partner for the strawberry, therefore we ground a few up for dough. Almond paste also became a part of the filling along with crème frâiche and Amaretto. All of Sydney’s favorite flavors!

Looking at this photograph I wish there was a piece left over!

Glazed Strawberry-Raspberry Almond Crème Tartlets: Recipe


Keeping the ingredients cold is the secret to a flaky tart


What an inviting tart


Sydney has a great knack for photo styling


A sea of strawberry slices


May strawberries remain apart of our lives forever!


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