How wonderfully lucky am I? I have my birthday ( no telling how old I am) and Mother’s Day all in the same weekend.

How to spend it? Baking and Cooking with my best friend, daughter, and business partner: Sydney.

We have quite a few orders to fill by Sunday:
Very Vanilla Cupcakes with a beautiful butterfly on top for a bridal shower. A Mother’s Day Brunch, and 72 assorted macarons. A Pavlova roll filled with strawberries and topped with Strawberry Rose Coulis!

Butterfly Cupcakes

I heard from the host of the bridal shower that the Butterfly Vanilla Cupcakes were a hit!

A small sample of our macarons

The inside of a Raspberry Macaron

I just realized this will be the last Mother’s Day (for at least 4 years) with My Sydney.
As sad as that realization makes me, I feel grateful to have had 17 or 18 years if you count pregnancy to celebrate with the most caring daughter. She is more than I could have dreamed for and I love her. She is my heart, so as my daughter goes to college so will my heart!
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