I could could eat Marshmallows ( Giuvaves) daily i just love the feel, texture, and of course taste. Sydney and I create an array of different flavor marshmallows.

In this picture Guimauves Γ  la framboise. An amazing Framboise taste lighter then air!
These beauties are Dreammallows of Grand Marnier. They melt in yur mouth and leave you wanting more.
Lemony Giant marshmallows tart and sweet YUM! We have designed lime, yuzu, green tea, strawberry, and many more.

With a love of lemon, yuzu, and limes I decided it was time to create a very tart lemon marshmallow. I thought for sure it would just be a special treat for me. Well to my surprise many people not only loved them, but wanted more.Β Just to make them a extra special we added some limoncello, maybe that is the reason for their popularity.
In fact my daughter, Sydney, could not get enough of them. she normally is a chocolateholic.

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