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Wicked Red Fondant High Heel Shoe

This tutorial video will show separate methods to creating the high heel, one I mould the heel myself and one is a pre-made mould, either method will give you a brilliant high heel shoe.


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Primrose Garden Tufted Heart on a Sugar Cookie

I was playing around with scratch piping primroses when this idea for scratch piping primroses on a tufted open heart popped into my head. Primroses have heart shaped petals that matched my tufted heart.


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Take Your Sugar Roses to the Ultimate Level with Wired Petals

To achieve a realistic fully open rose I will show you how to wire the last 7 to 9  petals on your open rose. I have found by wiring the petals the rose is not only a realistic, but is stronger and easier to handle.


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Royal Icing Antique Marbled Cookies with a Piped Roses Spray

I created these inspired antique marbled cookies using a wet on wet technique and a flower nail to pipe roses. Join me as I share how I decorate these plaque cookies. These cookies were made for a client who wanted cookies favors that matched her invitations colours!...

Venetian Mask Cookies for Mardi Gras

I created 3 variations of Venetian Mask Cookies for Mardi Gras. Although the tradition colours are purple and green, I decided to change it up a bit!. I wanted the mask to have a vintage elegant appearance. **The cookies above are my aromatic Strawberry Sugar cookies;...

Vintage Provençal Key Cookies

I was looking through some of my Grandmother’s “treasures”and came across some antique French keys (she left to me prior to passing). Then I remember my grandmother always proclaimed my grandfather held the key to her heart. This weeks video tutorial...

Rustic Door with Wood Grain Royal Icing Cookie

For this tutorial I will show you how to create a rustic door with wood grain effect using royal icing, how to pipe dimensional birds, and Lambeth style roses. The arch window and door handle are achieved with wrought iron royal icing effect l, that I will be showing...

Hand Painted Inspired Vintage Limoges China Rose Cookies

  In this video tutorial I will show you how to make one of my signature hand painted designs on a cookien ispired by delicate Limoges china. To see how I developed this design visit my Hand Painted Victorian Floral Design Cookie @

How to Decorate Chapel of Love Cookies with Royal Icing Doves

Here is a preview of the cookies I will be creating for wedding in Mid-February. Now that the bride has given her approval I wanted to share them with you. They would also make beautiful Valentine’s Day cookies! Supplies needed to make these Chapel of Love...

Recent Pastry Recipes


Wedding Flower Paste Gardenia Spray

I have three favorite go to flowers when I create wedding cakes and/or floral sprays, Roses, Peonies, and Gardenias. I have shown you how to create roses and peonies, it is time for the aromatic gardenia. The signature to the gardenia is both the spiral centre and the...

Winter Snow People Cookies

It is that time of year when students are anticipating winter break, holiday fun, and making snow people in the yard. For this tutorial I’ll  snow you how to pipe with dimension and hand paint a lteacher with tiny tot pupils days prior to winter break. Supplies...

Christmas Scenery Cookies

I was surfing the net and my eye caught this tranquil Christmas scenery photo and it inspired me to create a Christmas scenery cookie cookie! The technique I used is layering method, it is imperative to allow the cookie to dry between each layer. Supplies need for...

Peony and Exotic Foliage Swag Cake

Flowers are always in fashion for wedding cakes. The trend for 2016 is wedding cake flowers that have accents of whimsical beautiful coloured foliage. The key is balance of size, shape and colour. One of my favourite leaves are the beetleweed, they can be an array of...

How to Decorate And Create Hot Cocoa Cookies with Royal Icing

Santa will soon be approaching and to warm him up leave hot cocoa cookies with his milk! These cookies are not just perfect for Christmas Eve, but the entire winter season. The cookies above were created with cutters I already owned: A teacup cookie cutter and an oval...

How To Decorate A Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake With Piped Icicles

This DIY majestic winter wedding cake will have your guests or clients mesmerized and amazed! The finished cake is three tiers all white cake (recipe link below) enrobed in fondant with a lemon curd filling. Tier Designs: -The Top Tier is 5×5-inch cake stippled...

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