Last Days of Summer

Bobbies method of cookie decorating is original, fresh, and virtually fool proof!f You’ll  Learn to Create Realistic and Stunning Cookie Art in as little as 30 hours at 5th Avenue Cookie Art Academy Bobbie’s unique technique gives each of her cookie art pieces a beautiful original appearance that  ensue an emotional response.
In this course we will be creating an artful cookie using essential methods of dimensional royal icing and brush techniques that can be applied to each project! Since Lazy Days of Summer has loads of texture we will be building the texture with royal icing dimension and painting with the brush techniques required for achieving realistic movement and texture❣️

Each of the courses builds upon the other; you will soon be making extraordinary cookie masterpieces.

⭐All Courses Included with Registration to the Cookie Art Academy
⭐ Realistic Portrait Painting on Icing Course
⭐Dimensional  Pressure Piping Cookie Course
⭐Several Mediums (Royal Icing Edible Lace, Wafer Paper, Fondant etc)
⭐ Course from Fundamental Beginner to Pro
⭐Access to mobile, tablet or pc 24/7
⭐Detail  Courses and Lesson• Endless streaming
⭐Certificate of Completion for Each Level

Here’s what you’ll need for this project. Most of these supplies can be found at my store, link are given below:

Tipless Bags
Decorating Nozzle #1:
Decorating Nozzle #1:
Scribe Tool:
Scruffy Brush, Optional
Plaque Cookie Cutter:
Damp cloth
Stripe Stencil
Paper towel
Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Dough Recipe recipe:
Royal Icing Recipe:
Royal Icing Consistencies:
Warm Cooled Water
Artist brushes:
-Round Brush
-Square Brush
Filbert brush
-Pearl Ivory
-Baby Pink
-Autumn Leaf
-Shadow Grey
-Dark Brown
-Royal Blue
SugarFlair Extra:
-Black Extra
Rainbow Dust Double Sided Edible food Pens:
Rainbow Dust:
Sugarflair Lustre Dust:
-Bronze Splender
For more masterful cookies click the image below: