The colors of Autumn will soon be here along with gourds and pumpkins🎃. Time fo pick out that perfect pumpkin, you know the one that is round, smooth, and flat on bottom!
Using the pumpkin harvest and past trips to the arboretum as inspiration I designed this Harvest Cookie Set🍊🍁🌻
This lesson begins to introduce you to Bobbie’s Method of Cookie Decorating!❣️ First we will dimensionally pipe our cookies, allow them to dry overnight, (I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time waiting). Next using neutral hues and tones will paint our harvest cookies! If your itching to learn more check out 5th Avenue’s Cookie Art Academy😍

Supplies Need for Vintage Pumpkin Cookies:
Decorating Nozzle PME#1:
Tipless bags
Scribe tool:
Truck with Tree Cookie Cutter:
Artist brushes:
    – Round Brush
     -Square Brush
Damp cloth
Paper towel
Chocolate Spice Roll Out Cookie Dough Recipe recipe:
Royal Icing Recipe:
Royal Icing Consistencies:
    -Flood Consistency
     -Siff Consistency
-Shadow Grey
 -Apple Gree
-Autumn Leaf
   -Black Extra
    -Foliage Green
SugarFlair Lustre Dust:
    -Satin Silver
     -Royal Gold
Rainbow Dust Colours Metallic Food Paints:
      -Light Gold
Pre pipe Ranunculi and Roses, class link:
Glucose/Vanilla Vodka mixture
Lemon extract, cooled boiled water, Vodka or Everclear
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Each week at the end of my video tutorial I will have preview to special project, just in time for your holiday baking!

Hand Painted Sunflower Cookie

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