Our Tart and Pie Recipes

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Happy Birthday with Lemon Meringue Pie

It so happens it is my birthday week, yes birthday week! Many years ago, prior to DF and  I marrying, he initiated birthday week. Before thinking how sweet, I need to explain why he initiated a week of birthday. The first birthday of mine we were together he asked me...

Christmas Almond Apple Pie; The Finale

The original Almond Apple Pie was not decorated with almond pasty dough; I realized I had unevenness after I placed the dough in the pan. I, of course was going to continue and blind bake the dough, but I obsessed about the aesthetic perception for the entire baking...

Strawberry Tarts, Forever

Sydney and I are Farmer’s Market addicts. Between the warm Colorado early summer air and the aromatic smells of the produce, the Farmer’s Market becomes almost as captivating as Fifth Avenue (almost!). The strawberries were intoxicating this past weekend;...