Our Mousse and Pudding Recipes

Getting hungry?

Silky Chocolate Pudding

Sydney and I needed a rich luscious chocolate filling for a Belgium chocolate cake we were baking, our special rich chocolate pudding seemed perfect. As we were preparing the chocolate pudding DF walked into the kitchen proclaiming he would appreciate if we would...

Champagne Pudding, Bubbly Fun

Every year, we have champagne left over from New Year’s Eve; each year Sydney and I create unique romantic desserts with the remaining champagne. This year, 2012, we were able to use the champagne in three separate recipes; Champagne Pudding was the first. The...

Crème Brûlée, Just for You

With all the egg whites we have been using lately we have found ourselves with an abundance of rich orange yolks. Waste in our household is not an option, besides there are a plethora of baked goods (as well as savory dishes) that incorporate egg yolks. Crème Brulée...