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Pansy Garden

I had been waiting to experiment with a technique I had read about, but had not had the opportunity Β to work with, when Sydney and I were approached to create an edible party favor for a six year old’s birthday. The birthday theme was pansies. Lighting bolt:...

Royal Icing and Piping Flowers

Royal icing can change an ordinary cake into an extraordinary cake with a little patience and a good royal icing recipe. Sydney and I thought piped cherry blossoms would be beautiful on our cherry blossom cake (recipe for cake to come). We colored about half of the...

Spicy Chocolate Caramel-Apple Cups

Tastes like chocolate covered carmel apples This is the fifth year Sydney and I have created Easter Baskets for clients; our chocolate carmel cups are one of top 5 requests for the baskets. This is year we thought we would add a spring to the cups. With the addition...