Although I miss the warm summer days, I do love the colours of AutumnAntique Maple Leaf Cookie Frame

I live on six acres and when I need a little peace and quite I sit on my deck and watch this one albino deer that visits daily. As I was stalking this deer, I saw the most beautiful maple leaves, that had fallen. Voila I had my next cookie decorating project. I quickly picked three of the best leaves to use as inspiration for the cookie above!


Supplies youโ€™ll need for this project:

Tipless bags

Decorating Nozzle #1.5: http://bit.ly/2krM8AZ

Scribe Tool: http://bit.ly/2yHtDg6

Plaque Cookie Cutter: http://bit.ly/2xnS3wD

Artist brushes: http://bit.ly/1RWpKHp

-Round Brush

-Square Brush

-Filbert brush

Damp cloth

Paper towel


Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe recipe: http://bit.ly/2yh2x19

Royal Icing Recipe: http://bit.ly/1KLvDED

Royal Icing Consistencies:

-Soft Consistency

-Flood Consistency

SugarFlair: http://bit.ly/2iRhzTt

-Carney Yellow





-Dark Brown

SugarFlair Extra: http://bit.ly/2jLwFwo


Lemon Extract or Everclear

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