Gold Marbled Cookies with Rose Spray

I created these inspired antique marbled cookies
using a wet on wet technique and a flower nail to pipe roses.
Join me as I share how I decorate these plaque cookies.
These cookies were made for a client who wanted cookies
favors that matched her invitations colours!

**The cookies above are my aromatic Strawberry Sugar cookies; link to the recipe is below.

Supplies needed to create Supplies needed to create Antique Marble Cookies
Decorating nozzle #1: http://bit.ly/2krM8AZ
Decorating nozzle #2: http://bit.ly/2krM8AZ
Decorating nozzle #101s: http://bit.ly/2ghOS2O
Decorating nozzle #101: http://bit.ly/2lGrAFb
Decorating nozzle #ST50: http://bit.ly/1Futa1X
12-inch decorating bag: http://bit.ly/1IiNWMO
Scribe tool: http://bit.ly/1KSlQue
Plaque Cookie Cutter: http://bit.ly/2h0WzGA
Artist Liner brushes: http://bit.ly/2kMIqCU
Kitchen paper
Strawberry Recipe recipe: http://bit.ly/2kyptyN
Royal Icing Recipe: http://bit.ly/1KLvDED
Royal Icing Consistencies
-Flood consistency
-Soft consistency
-Stiff Consistency
Wilton Garden Tone 4- Icing Colors Set: http://bit.ly/2lRezFg
-Juniper Green
Rainbow Dust ProGel food paste: http://bit.ly/2a9bnCT
The Sugar Art:http://bit.ly/2kT9KO5
Rainbow Dust Plain & Simple: http://bit.ly/2lkQPx7
-Milk Chocolate
Rainbow Dust Edible Silk Range: http://bit.ly/2lMy9X5
-Ginger Glow
-Ivory Shimmer
Lemon extract

Music courtesy of Audio Network: http://bit.ly/2mmH7Hh

The lustre dust marbling inspired by Sweetambs Craftsy class

Click on the images below for more fun cookie designs