Winter Wedding Cake

Elegant and Clean!

This DIY majestic winter wedding cake will have your guests or clients mesmerized and amazed!

The finished cake is three tiers all white cake (recipe link below) enrobed in fondant with a lemon curd filling.

Tier Designs:
-The Top Tier is 5×5-inch cake stippled with royal icing, piped icicles, piped RI poinsettias, double beaded border, and flower paste poinsettia cake topper.
-Middle Tier is 6×6-inch cake stippled with royal icing, piped icicles, an elegant double beaded bored adorn with another flower paste poinsettia.
-Bottom Tier is 8×12 inch beveled white cake stippled with royal icing and piped RI poinsettias.

Supplies Needed For This Project:

• Fondant smoother: http://bit.ly/1RETFFw
• 12″ decorating bags: http://bit.ly/1IiNWMO
• Decorating nozzle #2: http://bit.ly/1Lu3L9z
• Decorating nozzle #4: http://bit.ly/1Lu3L9z
• Decorating nozzle #ST50: http://bit.ly/1Lu3L9z
• Artistic brush: http://bit.ly/1MALk3
• Sponge
• Fondant
• Royal Icing Recipe you may find mine @5th avenue Cakes shop: http://bit.ly/1KLvDED (or use your favorite recipe)
• White Cake Recipe: you may find mine @5th avenue Cakes shop: http://bit.ly/1M3qEME (or use your favorite recipe)
• Flood consistency royal icing
• Off peak consistency
• Soft peak consistency
• Piping gel
• Dust:
• -Sterling Pearl: http://bit.ly/1kMZ9B9
• Everclear, vodka, or lemon extract
• 2-Poinsettias: Extended tutorial http://bit.ly/1NPweK9

Watch the video and see how I decorate the Winter Wedding Cake!

To see the flower paste poinsettia tutorial visit Happy Holidays Flower Paste Poinsettia Spray

This cake happens to be one of Sydney favorites!

Winter Wedding Cake!

This would also be a wonderful Christmas party cake!

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