Halloween cookies by Bobbie Noto

Stress free Halloween cookie decorating!

Decorate Halloween cookies that are breathtaking, eye-poping and look complex, however between you and me they are super easy and fast!
In this video I will show you how to decorate royal icing wet on wet bat transfers. Than they will placed on Halloween cookies piped with a few wet on wet black roses to add depth and beauty while remaining spooky!

For most these Halloween cookies you will be using mostly flood consistency

For thin black line you will be using rub-down consistency.

The inspiration for the wet on wet bats started over a year ago when I saw Amber’s, of Sweetambs, filigree and bat cookies.

Supplies Needed For This Project:

Halloween cookies by Bobbie Noto

These bat were a blast to create!

• Decorating Nozzle #3:
• Decorating Nozzle #1:
• Decorating Nozzle #o:
• 12-inch Decorating bags:
• Parchment cones
• Medium plaque cutter, Cooper gifts
• Large matching plaque cutter, Copper gifts
• Scribe tool:
• Artistic brush:
• Cookie Dough recipe (You may use any recipe) for my recipe:
• Royal Icing Recipe, ((You may use any recipe) for my recipe:
• -Flood consistency
• -Rubbed down consistency
• Colours:
• Wilton color right
• -Black:
• Wilton Juniper green:

You may find the supplies and materials for this project at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes

To achieve the grey tones use black Wilton Color Right

3 drops for light grey

5-7 drops dark grey

Black 10-12 drops

Watch my video and see the bats emerge on the transfers and the cookie develop

before eyes!

Stress free Halloween cookie decorating! by Bobbie Noto

I piped a few small bat plaque cookies too!

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