Intricate hand painted cookies by Bobbie Noto

hand painted cookies began as a trend and quickly turned into edible art!

Hand painting on fondant or royal icing may have started as a trend,

but it has quickly become a staple as a cake decorating technique.

The cookies above are wedding favors to accompany a Victorian style cake,

that I will be showing later this week.

If you have never painted anything in life this method most

likely seems daunting (or impossible).

I am going to show you it is possible and with a few tips and practice you’ll be

wanting to paint everything.

Inspiration for Limoges painted cookies

Limoges Tea set

This lovely tea set was my inspiration for the cookies and the cake (tutorial coming soon).

Victorian Hand Painted Floral Cookies:

Hand painted by Bobbie Noto

A closer look!

• #1/4-inch shader artist brush, Scharff
• #1/8-inch shader artist brush, Scharff
• #0/0 script liner artist brush, Scharff
• #2/0 round artist brush, Scharff
• #6 square artist brush, Scharff
• #1.5 PME nozzle
• Parchment cone
• Artist brush for royal icing
• Dehydrator
Royal icing
• 1-Recipe Bobbie’s Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies
• Fondant, Satin Ice
• Petal dust
• Aubergine, SF or Rainbow dust
• Plum, SF or Rainbow dust
• Burgundy, SF or Rainbow dust
• Moss green, SF
• Foliage, SF
• Vine SKGI
• Chestnut, SKGI
• Red, Sf
• Voilet, SF
• Evercleafr or lemon extract
• Cooled boiled water


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Bake, cool, and cover your cookies a day prior.

You may cover the cookies with plum coloured fondant or royal icing

both coverings work perfectly.

Creating the Base Colour:

Limoges style painted cookie by Bobbie Noto

I choose to paint the royal icing border with plum dust!

Use petal dust for the best results

2 parts voilet 1 part red knead until amalgamated.


Day 1

Cover the cooled heart cookie with a Plum/Magenta fondant, allow to set over night.

Cut out 1/8 thick fondant hearts allow to dry over night

Royal icing:

Wedding favors by Bobbie Noto

The rose resembles antique china Limoges!

Day 1

Cover the cooled cookie with a  pre-coloured Plum/Magenta royal icing. Allow to dry over night.

Pipe a run out royal icing heart smaller than the cookie on cellophane,

place in a dehydrator for about 10 minutes on 32 degrees C/ 95 degrees F.

If you don’t have a dehydrator place under a 60 wyatt desk lamp for 10 minutes.

This will aid the royal icing run out to dry without sinking.

Once you have assembled the cookies pipe the double border with

soft/medium consistency royal icing coloured with plum dust.

If this is your first time painting practice on either a run out or fondant piece

prior to painting your cookies.

Watch the video below to learn how I created the Victorian hand painted floral cookies

If you are short on time:  You may purchase the cookies completely decorated at 5th Avenue Cake shop.

I cannot wait to show the matching cake,

there will be intricate string work so stay tuned!

Intricate hand painted cookies by Bobbie Noto

Victorian Hand Painted Floral Wedding Cookies