how to make romantic flower paste rose toppers

Bridal inspiration!

 Just as in fashion trends come and go the same is true in the world of weddings. Each year, new trends excite and inspire many brides.

Trends for 2014 weddings lean towards individual style and a flair for the unconventional.

While cakes are still a popular centerpiece choice for the reception, cupcakes have become a favorite for many brides.

The cupcakes above were inspired by an English garden and the bride’s blush pink wedding dress, grabbing a soft sweet romantic touch.

With wedding season is in full swing I thought I would share a tutorial of four different styles of cupcake. Each of the cupcakes designs were fashionable inspired by the bride’s grown,

and gave a beautiful flow to the reception table!


Wedding cupcake:


  • Fmm  5 petal rose cutter, 35 mm, 40 mm, 65 mm, and 90 mm
  • CelStick, medium
  • Celcups
  • Tap-IT mat
  • Fmm 3-set rose leaf cutter
  • Rose leaf veiner,ISAC
  • High Rose Fashion mould, Ny
  • PME st-50leaf nozzle
  • Tooth picks
  • Cornets, paper or disposable bag


  • 2- recipes Bobbie’s Champagne cupcake
  • Royal icing
  • Fondant, Satin Ice
  • Gumpaste, Satin Ice
  • Plain 10 mm dragrees, chefrubber
  • Food paste:
  • Dusty rose,wine,SF
  • Vine,SkGI
  • Moss green, Wilton
  • Fairy pink Lustre Dust,CC
  • Gel Pen, Pink CK
  • Everclear

Find supplies here

Cover the cupcake with fondant, once the cupcake have cooled completely.

You may need cut the top off to level the cupcakes.

Prepare you 50/50 paste mixture and than colour the paste.

Prepare you 50/50 paste mixture and than colour the paste.

Now that your cupcakes covered and your 50/50 paste prepared please enjoy

The High Fashion Wedding Cupcake video

how to make romantic flower paste rose toppers

The Fashion Vintage rose cupcake is stunning, yet simple to create!

The high fashion mould for 3 roses over lapping on the Vintage Garden Cupcakes will need  to be prepared with a small amount of crisco. The mould is fairly easy to use and you will find the the 50/50 paste will pop out with ease.

For the full 50 minute HD Wedding Garden Cupcake

The video consists of:

The construction for each cupcake style.

How to assemble the blossoms.

How to dust and paint the unique edge of the blossoms.

How to create matching dragees to any colour scheme.

The “No Cutter” Wedding  Rose Cupcake.

how to make romantic flower paste rose toppers

Each style of the wedding cupcakes have their own personality!

If you prefer to create royal icing dragrees, Pipe 10 mm beads with a bead consistency icing. You will need to pipe them about 3 to 4 days ahead of time and allow them to completely dry. Once dried paint them. The extra bead may be stored in an airtight container for later use!

how to make romantic flower paste rose toppers

The blossom on the front cupcake was inspired by the blossoms on the bride’s dress!

The cupcakes gave a wow factor once they were placed on the reception table.

how to make romantic flower paste rose toppers

Have fun cupcake wedding decorating!